Album news!

Lapis Lazuli’s next album, The Downfall of Humanity, is finally finished! It will be released later this fall and today we posted a first teaser on youtube! I really hope you’ll like it, since we’ve spent so much time and love on this. I am immensely proud of our album at least. Will update once I have a set releasedate for the album!


More songs!

Hello everyone!
I have added a couple of new songs under the classical tab viagra generic online. They’re from my second year recital concert. I hope you’ll like them!

New album!

Lapis Lazuli is working on a new album!
The album will be titled “The Downfall of Humanity” and release is planned for october 2014.

Throughout our career, we have set out to produce, perform, record and release our music independently, taking care of the various creative and technical processes involved in making a record.

In 2014, we’re onto our best material yet: writing sessions for our upcoming full length, “The Downfall of Humanity” have been so fruitful that we are determined to take the next step further and record our new material in a top notch recording studio, with the support of audio engineer and metal guru Timo Tolkki (Stratovarius, Avalon, Symfonia…)

The material is great. The premises are too. You are the missing piece of the puzzle!

We are funding this brand new release through an IndieGogo campaign, and this means that you can actively help us in the process of making this album happen!

Help us by contributing and earn great perks! Every euro counts toward our goal!

Don’t forget to share the link to the campaign through your social media and networks! Let’s make this album happen!


I’ve finally gotten around to update the Concerts/Live section! So now you’ll be able to find some of my upcoming events on that page viagra 25mg prix. More will be added soon!

New song – Insomnium cover

Together with some friends I recorded a cover of the Insomnium song “Weighed Down With Sorrow” back in december. This was a cover that I had been dying to do for a -very- long time and when we were presented with this year’s guitar and song project, “Renaissance and heavy metal – unplugged”, I jumped at the chance of doing this cover. Luckily the guitarist I was paired with, Erik Henriksson, liked metal as well and thought it could be fun to do a cover of a death metal song. We also recruited Simon Johnsson, another metal head, to play the grand piano.

This project has been one of the highlights for me this past year and I hope you will like this song as much as I do! You can find it in the new music section called “Crossover”.


~ Cecilia

New video!

I’ve added yet another live video from the gig with Lapis Lazuli in Stockholm back in September viagra commander. It’s called Burning Bridges and you’ll find it in the videos section!




I’ve updated the site a little and added the demos with Xhiria under “Discography”, as well as some Lapis Lazuli pictures pfizer viagra prix. More to come!

~ Cecilia Kamf

Brand new homepage!

Finally I have my own homepage! This site is still under construction, but you will find all of the basic nessecities here acheter viagra tunisie. Welcome to my space!

~ Cecilia Kamf