Tomorrow evening, on the 21st of October, my newest piece “Reflections” will premiere! It will be played at the Nymus Festival for new electro-acoustic music at the Härnösand Theatre and I couldn’t be more excited! The piece is fully composed, recorded and edited by me and it is made up of sounds that I have recorded in and around my home. After the concert the song will be released on YouTube along with a video. If you’d like to join in the premiere, please head over to my YouTube channel and set a reminder! I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are in regards to “Reflections”!


I am so excited and proud to present you all with my first original song! At Kitee International Music and Art Festival last year I met Andrew Wrangell and presented him with the embryo of a song I had written. I had the lyrics and the melody for the first part ready and Andrew suggested that we add a middle section, and then he made a beautiful piano arrangement for it as well. It was wonderful to collaborate with Andrew on this, and I really hope you will love the song as much as we do!

If you wish to support us by purchasing the sheet music and the mp3, you can find them here:

Andrew’s youtube channel:

Performing for H.M King Harald V of Norway

Last week, on the 21st of September, I was invited to perform during Waves4Power’s “Next Generation” event in Fosnavåg, Norway. Waves4Power were celebrating the successful launch of their wave power buoy and attending the event was H.M King Harald V of Norway. I had the pleasure of performing during the dinner, in front of His Majesty himself. It was a nerve wracking experience, as I am sure you can imagine, but it was also lots of fun and a great honour. I am so pleased that I got this amazing opportunity.

I had the pleasure of performing together with Ines Vatne, a very talented pianist, and I was also greatly inspired after meeting Elise Nærø, another singer who also performed during the dinner. All in all it was a lovely experience and I am so grateful that I was invited to take part in it.

Kitee International Music and Art Festival

At the beginning of July I went to Finland to participate in Kitee International Music and Art Festival. It is a festival created by Plamen Dimov, Nightwish’s old music teacher and the participants of the festival are made up of talented Nightwish fans from around the world; musicians, singers, artists and poets. I am back home now and I am slowly beginning to process the experiences I had during my two weeks there. First of all, a huge THANK YOU to Plamen Dimov for allowing me to participate in this wonderful festival. It was such a joy to meet and perform with so many talented musicians and artists. Two weeks flew by with incredible speed and I wish I had had more time to spend with everyone. But hopefully I will get to see everyone again one day.

I performed during three concerts and I sang ‘Heart Asks the Pleasure First’, ‘Sleeping Sun’, ‘Ocean Soul’, ‘Slow Love Slow’ and ‘Forever Yours’. I also performed a song by Swedish singer/songwriter Melissa Horn, ‘Jag Saknar Dig Mindre och Mindre’, as well as an original piece that I wrote together with Andrew Wrangell, one of the pianists I performed with during the festival.

It was great to be able to perform the music of Nightwish on stage, since it was Nightwish that made me want to study classical singing in the first place. A truly wonderful experience.

Lastly, I want to send a second thank you to the two pianists I performed with during the festival, Emil Westerhagen and Andrew Wrangell. I had a great time performing with both of them, and I may have a very exciting collaboration coming up, so stay tuned for that!

If you have a minute you should check out both Emil and Andrew. They are very talented and you can find their respective youtube channels here:


~ Cecilia

Emergenza 2016

Back in February Lapis Lazuli once again played at the Emergenza festival/competition in Stockholm. It was a really fun gig and we had a pretty big audience, unlike last time. The overall experience was great, aside from the fact that we didn’t advance to the next round. But we will not let that bring us down and we will continue to do our thing and improve. I uploaded the videos from the gig to my media gallery here on the site, so feel free to check them out viagra une. I hope you like the songs!


~ Cecilia

Spring cleaning!

I decided to update my website a little bit, give it a bit of a makeover as well as clean up a little in the menus viagra le moins cher. You will now find all pictures under the same tab and all videos under the same tab as well. I no longer have a crazy amount of submenus for you to navigate through. Hopefully that will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. I also added a new video from when I performed Dido’s Lament at the Opera studio’s christmas production. Enjoy!

Stockholm Opera Studio

On June 5th I graduated from Musikhögskolan in Piteå and at the end of the summer I moved down to Stockholm to continue my studies at Stockholm Opera Studio. School’s been in session for about a month now and so far I am loving every minute of it. It’s great to be able to immerse myself into the world of opera and dig deep. I will continue to update on my progress at the Opera Studio in my blog, so head on over for more in depth posts about my new life in Stockholm.

I have also updated the site a little bit. I added new songs to the categories “classical”, “crossover” and “with Lapis Lazuli” under the music tab and I also updated the bio.

~ Cecilia

The Downfall of Humanity

mediumThe day has come! Our album is finally out! It’s been a long journey and we’ve learned a lot during the process, but here it is… The Downfall of Humanity!

Get it at our webshop:
or at iTunes:
or at CDBaby:
or give it a listen on Spotify: Lapis Lazuli – The Downfall of Humanity